All of our supply services are subject to the following conditions, and it is understood that our clients are aware of and accept them.

ORDERS  Orders must be placed in writing and in accordance with the references and descriptions in this web catalogue.

PRICES  This catalogue does not show prices and only describes the technical characteristics. The prices appear stated in the Tariff, and are considered “ex-works”, that is, with delivery at our warehouses in Castellvi de Rosanes. They do not include V.A:T., levies or other kinds of costs.

DELIVERY OF MATERIALS  Materials are considered to be delivered once they have left our warehouses in Castellví de Rosanes. The recipient shall be obliged to examine the goods immediately in the event that it appears to have become damaged, and to verify the number of packages received. Damage which might have occurred during transport must be notified to the carrier in writing within at most 24 hours from reception.

QUANTITIES BY BOX  The material shall be delivered in complete boxes.

CONDITIONS OF PAYMENT  All sales for amounts of no more than 300 euros shall be paid for upon order. The conditions of payment for sales of larger amounts shall be stipulated by mutual agreement.

GUARANTEE  The guarantee, which lasts for two years from delivery of the order, covers the construction and perfect operability of all the apparatus. Repair of equipment under guarantee shall be undertaken at our factory in Castellvi de Rosanes, the costs corresponding to remittance and subsequent return being at the client’s expense. The guarantee does not include substitution of pieces due to wear and tear, lack of maintenance, blows, inappropriate use, or modification or repair by personnel other than those of the company or official technical service centre (S.A.T.). The guarantee shall be limited to the substitution of the defective piece and not to the entire piece, and charges relating to indemnification, travel, labour or others shall not be accepted.

RETURNS  C.E.A., S.A. shall only accept returns of material due to errors of remittance or defects of manufacture attributable to C.E.A., S.A. Returns shall not be accepted unless they have previously been notified to the sales department of C.E.A., S.A.

MODIFICATIONS  C.E.A., S.A. reserves the right to carry out such modifications to its products as it may deem fit, without undertaking any obligation to notify the same in advance.

The purchaser waives any jurisdiction of their own and accepts the competence of the courts and tribunals of Barcelona.