• Use of bacteriostatic material on the Osmotic Smart Concept equipment, avoiding the proliferation of bacteria.laboratorio
  • BPA FREE seal and UNE (Spanish standard) quality certification.
  • Optimum efficiency of the equipment with the use of original CEASA spare parts. No imitations.
  • Products subjects to exhaustive testing certified by the prestigious Oliver Rodés Laboratory.
  • Verification of sanitary and hygienic safety of water equipment.
  • Selection of raw materials of excellent quality.


  • Plant design of reverse osmosis fed by medio ambientesolar energy in areas with scarce water resources.
  • Autonomous systems without pollution or production of CO2, reducing the consumption of electricity.
  • UV lamp drinking water disinfection. No taste or smell carried to the treated water. Lower environmental impact than a chlorine component.
  • Contribution to the non-proliferation of plastic waste, replacing the consumption of bottled water by the use of domestic osmosis equipment.
  • The Company’s most advanced equipment now includes seaweed load filters, fostering a more sustainable industry.